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About us

The IN Apostolic Prayer Network (IN APN), first aligned in 2006 with the US Global Apostolic Prayer Network;  transformation of prayer multiplied in 2007 into to 3 different organizations, of which US Reformation Prayer Network with Cindy Jacobs  was one;  in 2008, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) with Dr. John Benefiel,  Apostolic Leader invited Indiana to align which we did.  The IN APOSTOLIC PRAYER NETWORK aligned with both in order to advance and multiply the INFLUENCE, the STRENGTH, and the IMPACT  of the Numbers of Prayer Forces thus to facilitate revival and the THIRD GREAT AWAKENING!  Without movement, there is no advancement!  The times are calling for more corporate prayer and the larger Body of Christ becoming Unified in kingdom building efforts.  The dynamic effect of this will pushback darkness and release the land, resources and peoples into the Kingdom of Light led by the King of Glory, Adonai Tzva’ot, the Lord of hosts, the Lord Strong & Mighty and fueled by the Fire of Holy Spirit. 

Psalms 24; Acts 2:2-4a; Jer.1:10 and Revelation 11:15.

 The  IN Apostolic Prayer Network  is aligned with

​Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network – Dr. John Benefiel

 US Reformation Prayer Network –Generals Mike & Cindy Jacobs, also Generals International 
Glory of Zion International Ministries – Dr. Chuck D Pierce 
Breaker of Dawn International Ministries – Apostles Jerry & Judy Ball (which includes Ignite America)

ICAL – International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders – Dr. John Kelly, Presiding Apostle 
LEAD – Founding Apostle & Leader – Dr. John Kelly 
Robert Henderson Ministries – Apostle Robert Henderson